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Mecair® Replacements


Are you looking for a diaphragm valve that has a compact design and can serve a variety of purposes? Then Mecair® replacement valves are just what you are looking for. Our wide range of diaphragm valves are perfect solutions to control the flow of liquid or gas without any contamination.

Mecair® valves offer you a Diaphragm solution that ensures that your pulse valve remains sterile and free of contamination. Mecair® valves come in variants of sizes ranging from 3/4”, 1”, 1 1/2”, 1 1/2” (single-stage type) to 2”. Plus its body made of rubber being resistant to corrosion leaves you with a product which is durable and serves you for years to come.

• A rubber body to protect from corrosion
• Different sizes for ease of installation
• Robust Dust cleaning ability
• Excellent open/close durability to withstand consistent cycles of opening and closing.